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  • How to judge talent?

    Some days back, I came across this real life incident that happened in one reputed company in Bangalore. When I heard about it, I was shocked. It raised lot of questions in my mind.

    The company had hired some freshers. During their training period, the trainer told students to write twenty programs which will include all the concepts taught by...

  • TW University : Yeh, we are graduates………

    Today our training at TW University got over. After six weeks of training which included games, lot of fun filled activities, role plays and lots of things other than boring lectures and classroom hours, the training got over “JUST LIKE THAT”.

    This was our project week, where all trainers acted like...

  • After a long time…………….

    After a long time………….

    Well this is the word that I hear lot of times these days. To add more to it, even I say these words quite often. Ever since I’m in bangalore, I started hearing and speaking this sentence every now and then. To start with, I am posting in my own blog ‘After a long time’.


  • Advantage of nanotechnology….

    For Manthan 2006, Milind Rodriques (B.E ETC, PCCE) gave a paper presentation on Nano-Technology. The presentation was great and thus appreciated by many of our lecturers. However, the presentation was humorous too. He said,

    ‘Nanotechnolgy will make computers smaller but 10 times faster than our today’s computers and almost 1000 times faster than our college computers.’

  • Manthan is back…..

    Finally, Manthan is back. Manthan is an interstate technical event held in our college and organized by Department of Computer and IT. This year, its back again as Manthan 2006, with many events renamed, with some new and exciting events and new organizing group.

    Last year, it was organized under great guidance of our lecturer Miss Rina Dalvi, me, Alan...

  • Solving puzzles!

    Solving puzzles could be an interesting hobby. Its not my hobby as such, but still I like to solve puzzles. It makes you think differently and helps you to develop certain skills that could be useful in problem solving. Maybe that is the reason why some companies ask puzzles during their interviews.

    Solving puzzles teach you how to think...