After a long time…………….

After a long time………….

Well this is the word that I hear lot of times these days. To add more to it, even I say these words quite often. Ever since I’m in bangalore, I started hearing and speaking this sentence every now and then. To start with, I am posting in my own blog ‘After a long time’.

Why am I writing a blog on this topic? I was posting in comp_rules blog very often, but ever since I’m in bangalore, I haven’t posted a single topic in my own blog. So, finally I thought, let me write something atleast in my blog. But write about what? There are lots of things to write but where to start from? Finally I thought that, today atleast, after a long time, I must post a topic in my blog. And wait, that’s it, I found a topic. After a long time of thinking process, I finally found a topic.

I reached bangalore on 2nd July 2006. When I came here, I was alone from my class atleast in bangalore. I was waiting for someone whom I knew to come to bangalore so that I would feel comfortable. And finally, after a long time (actually in next two weeks), Ralston and Jessel landed up in bangalore. Hurray, finally, after long time, I had a chance to meet my classmates again. Great, Isn’t it?

Okay, lets continue with the topic. I was getting bored here in Bangalore so decided to come back to Goa for two days over a weekend just two weeks after reaching Bangalore. When I reached there, I met Maya, Lata, Harshali and Vishal. When I met them, they all said one thing first. “Hi Anay, Good to see you after a long time”.

As I was in Goa for two days, I finally got chance to eat home food after a long time. I enjoyed it completely. Nothing compares to home food. Yes! East or West, home food is the best. Well, what do you think? Even if you don’t agree now, you will surely do but after a long time.

What’s next? Hey man, I’m still in goa and two days of weekends are not over yet. After a long time, I got a chance to see video of my Birthday party. It refreshed some of the memories and made me feel even more comfortable.

Now, it was Sunday evening and time for me to leave back to Bangalore. Soon after that, Maya and Harshali also got placed here in Bangalore. After a long time after college, Maya and Harshali got placed and I was equally happy.

Huh, I think, even if I’m posting something to my blog after a long time, I should stop now. But whats the conclusion? Well, lot of good things don’t happen quickly. Good things happens to those who wait. When you get happiness after a long time of waiting period, that happiness lasts longer. So, be patient. And you know what? I realized the importance of waiting, after a long time.