Manthan is back…..

Finally, Manthan is back. Manthan is an interstate technical event held in our college and organized by Department of Computer and IT. This year, its back again as Manthan 2006, with many events renamed, with some new and exciting events and new organizing group.

Last year, it was organized under great guidance of our lecturer Miss Rina Dalvi, me, Alan Lobo as Chief organizers and Ralston Da Silva as Chief Coordinator. We started working on Manthan 2005 soon after our tour. We had got official permission to bunk lectures (not all lecture). I know it sounds exciting but soon we found that attending lectures is lot better than managing or organizing an interstate event. It was a challenge for us and we were trying our best to make it a successful event in our college.

We decided events, created logo and animations in blender 3d, designed rules for each event and also designed certificates and posters and brochures. Thanks to all the volunteers who went to different places and got sponsors for Manthan 2005. Now we had everything : event plans and timetable and money and ofcourse, participants.

Than the day arrived. We had also done what we called a ‘dress rehearsal’ to find faults present if any a day before. None of us will ever forget those two days. Everything went properly as expected. I wanted to participate in it, but couldn’t as I was a part of organizing group.

So, now I was eagerly waiting for next Manthan organized by our juniors. That doesn’t mean I didn’t participate in any competitions. I participated in other events like Avishkar (PCCE), Kalp (GEC) and Speak-out (PCCE). I wanted to participate in events organized in other states but couldn’t. Why? Well, that’s a different story.

Now finally, Manthan is back. Last time me and Alan were organizers, now we are participants. In some events we are participating as a team and against each other in some other events. We learnt a lot while organizing this event last year and it was a great experience. This is our final semester in college. We are trying to participate in every event possible.

I hope that Manthan 2006 will be more successful event than Manthan 2005 (hope that prizes will be more attractive too). Anyway, time will tell. What we can do is, prepare for every event and try our best to win.