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  • Y-Combinator in C#

    For last few days, I was trying to use lambda feature of C# to implement Y-Combinator. After few trial and errors, I was able to implement it in C# 3.5. I’m currently posting the code here and in my next blog, I’ll explain how I derived it.

  • Missing attachment detector in Gmail

    It is really embarrassing to send an email with an attachment and actually forgetting to attach the file you were supposed to mail along, isn’t it? In my case, I often forget to attach files to emails if I’m typing it in hurry. Sometimes, I even end up receiving replies from recipients of those emails requesting me to eat food...

  • Are computers really becoming user friendly?

    Gone are those days when users had to learn all the shell commands (Dos or Unix), to be able to use their PCs. Now you have Graphical User Interfaces or GUIs which allow you to do all those tasks simply by pointing and clicking at icons or menus with that small device near your keyboard called ‘Mouse’. This...

  • Fixing NTLM authentication in Windows 2003

    We had an application written in C# .Net, which used to communicate with Alfresco Enterprise Document/Content Management System. The application was using Alfresco’s NTLM component for authenticating users against their AD (Active Directory) user account.

    The application worked perfectly while we were testing it on Windows XP system. However, on Windows 2003 64 Bit system, the application started failing as...

  • Be careful while using ‘replaceAll’ and ‘replaceFirst’ methods of String class in Java

    Most of the time, while trying to replace a substring in a given string, either all its occurrences or just the first one, java programmers tend to use ‘replaceAll’ and ‘replaceFirst’ methods provided by String class in Java. Java programmers like to use these methods to replace substrings as compared to ‘replace’ method of String class because of different reasons...

  • Binding HTML Form Fields To Javascript Objects

    Consider that I have a object called ‘person’ with a property called ‘Name’ which returns me the name of a particular person. I want to assign this object property to a form element such that:

    1. The form element will display the value of object property (In our case, the value of person.Name)
    2. If I change the value in form,...