Whatever happened to my cell phone…….

In my company, everyday we have standups. In standups, whole team stands in a circle and each team member speaks about what he did yesterday and what he will be doing today.

But for last three days, during my team’s standup, my phone rings just before my turn. I always receive some or other sms just before my turn to speak and it rings loudly. Today, our standup got delayed by some 15 minutes and I thought, “Cool, I hope it won’t ring today”. But again, it rang just before I was about to speak.

Celebrating the end of development and QA work…….

After more than year of hard work, our team finished all the functionality development work. The following photo was taken soon after the development got over……

But that was not the end. It was just a standup photograph. But the moment we finished all the quality testings, we really had a good celebration (With ice creams….).

TW University : Yeh, we are graduates………

Today our training at TW University got over. After six weeks of training which included games, lot of fun filled activities, role plays and lots of things other than boring lectures and classroom hours, the training got over “JUST LIKE THAT”.

This was our project week, where all trainers acted like customers and ut we had to apply all our skills that we developed over these six weeks in delivering a solution to them. Today was our last day and soon after final showcase…. there was end of this TWU.

But wait!!! Though university had ended, fun didn’t. We had our so called “Graduation Ceremony” where our trainers gave us certificates. Coooool isn’t it?

Now, from monday onwards, we will be coming to office as regular employees. In front of us, we have new opportunities, new challenges and new vision. And to tell you, we all are excited to explore those opportunities.

Finally, I would like to say, “LONG LIVE TWU”. Indeed its totally different from any other training I’ve experienced so far.

Find me in this photo……………

This was my 12th standard class photograh. Can you spot me in it?