Fring with Airtel GPRS

Fring is an application for mobile phones that allows you to make calls using VoIP. Yesterday I decided to try it out myself. I had mentioned in one of my post that it is possible to make free calls with fring if you have access to public Wi-Fi hotspots, but in Goa, there are no such public Wi-Fi hotspots. On the other hand, my Nokia N72 doesn’t have support for Wi-Fi networks. So I had to rely on GPRS connection.

If you refer to Fring website, it mentions that the application is compatible with Symbian from version 8 to 9.2. Thus it can work on my Nokia N72. I activated Airtel GPRS service on my handset and downloaded fring directly on my mobile from its site.

After installation, fring asked me to register as a new user. Then, I had to select one VoIP service provider from Skype, MSN Messenger, ICQ, SIP, Google Talk, Twitter, Yahoo and AIM. I have been using skype for long time to make VoIP calls so I selected Skype. After that, fring asked me to login to my skype account with skype screen name and password. That’s it!!!! Now fring was ready for use on my handset.

Fring presented me with list of contacts which were taken from my phone book and skype contact list. From here I could have called my friends who were online on Skype at that point of time. If you try to call a person from your phone book, then you will be presented with options of either Direct GSM call or SkypeOut call.

I wanted to try out fring by making a real call. So I requested my father to call me from skype. Soon, my cell started ringing and Fring showed me that the call is from my father. I was able to talk to my father normally without any problems.

But one thing I noticed is that, I was not able to hear my father’s voice instantaneously. There was a small time gap so I felt as if I’m using a walkie-talkie.

If you want to call your friends at a very cheap rate then should try out fring yourself. Hopefully in near future, just like broadband, the number of public Wi-Fi hotspots in India will increase and then people will be able to use applications like Fring with better voice quality.


  1. hi,
    i’m from bangalore. i use airtel service on my N72 as well. But the customer care says that airtel live is the gprs connection from airtel. But fring doesn’t connect with this access point.
    can u throw some light?

  2. Hi Sandeep!

    I had actually activated Airtel Mobile Office on my N72 and with that as the access point, fring works without any problem. As far as I know, airtel live has limited functionality. So activate mobile office on your handset and use that as an access point.

    Let me know how it works.

  3. Hi Anay.
    I am also looking at using the N72 with the Airtel GPRS facility.
    Could you please throw some light on the cost? This means the monthly rental as well as the data transfer based usage cost.

  4. Hi Emilio,

    I had used the plan which gave me free 1GB data transfer per month. The rental used to be around Rs.600. I was able to use it at such a low rate due to this 1GB data transfer plan. Otherwise, it would have been quite expensive.

  5. Thanks

  6. can i use fring with bsnl gprs

  7. hi,
    i’m from pune.i use airtel service on my N72 and thinking 2 activate my gprs to surf internet in my laptop,But can any1 help me so that i can connect internet surfing through it….pls help or u can tell me by mailing me at
    please help me

  8. Can i use fring with Airtel Online?

  9. Mandeep says:

    Hi anay,
    I m from dehra dun.i use airtel service on my 5800 as well.i wn to use skpe in my mobile.what to do? can u throw some light?

  10. Mandeep says:

    Hi anay,
    I won to ask.wat is fring?


  11. Hi Mandeep,

    This link will answer your question:



  12. Hi Mandeep,

    You can try installing skype lite on your phone :



  13. Hi Friend,
    I am using fring from my Airtel Mobile Office connection. I am able to connect my skype account & do the chat with my friends. However, every time a message is displayed on my screen: “fring: feature not supported”. This is specially, when i am making a call to any of my online friend. When call is made, at my end, call ringing status is shown, but no call received at our end. Similarly, when someone else make a call to me, then ringing status is shown at their end, but no call received at my end.

    Could you help in solving this issue. I am using N72 mobile handset.

    If in case, any query or feedback, pass it on my id:

    Waiting for your update. Thanks for your support.

  14. hi,
    Im using nokia E63. i have an airtel connection and fring works fine with wi fi and airtel mobile office, but not with the NOP access point. Why is that? Everything else is working fine..


  15. Hey,

    Question to any one, can i call on a mobile which has fring installed on it from my computer if yest then how, and would it be free???

  16. GAGANPREET says:

    hi dear !
    i want to get skype on my phone.
    i am buying E63.and its skype compatibal.i need to know that,do it work with gprs?
    and i want to make international cals tonew zealand.
    following questions r in my mind

    what kind of internet connection should i use on fone; GPRS or what else???
    how much it’ll cost me??
    what r basic requirements for skype on phone??
    charges of skype(on my phone)-skype(on other phone in new zealand)??
    kindly tell me the whole process..i need to know everything..i dont know anything..


  17. Hi Jimmy,

    Fring allows you to login to your skype account. If you are trying to call your friend on skype and if your friend has logged in to skype via fring, he will be able to receive your call.

  18. Yes, The best thing which i like in fring is it supports skype which comes handy to contact my international friends while i was offline…


  19. arcadia says:

    Fring doesnt work on my vodafone gprs, any one have any tips to make it work?? it works fine on wi-fi though. never on gprs:[[[[[[

  20. Can someone tell me if there is anything specific we have to do to activate Fring on Nokia E71 using Mobile Office. It is not recognizing the access points. I have Mobile Office, Airtel GPRS and Airtel Live, .. Still it doesn’t recognize the same. I checked with Airtel guys on my plan and they confirmed about my GPRS package. I am able to check internet, MailFor Exchange…

    Should I have any of the other chat clients like SKYPE, MSN, Yahoo or Google talk installed prior to installing Fring? Is there any such pre-requsite???


  21. I’m having a slight problem right here. I would like to purchase myself a good cell and can’t make up my mind on which phone to select. To begin with, i am considering the Nokia N97, which my friend has. It looks pretty tough, and all seemed cool, but i started looking at other phones. Now my largest problem is deciding between the Nokia E71 and the Samsung B3310. All advice is welcome.

  22. As of now, I am having Nokia E71. And I must say, I am completely satisfied with it.

  23. Rabin Saha says:

    i want to use fring app with airtel gprs. :sad:

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