3 reasons to install anti-spyware tool on your PC

Many times I have noticed that people tend to make their computers secure only by installing a good anti-virus tool and keeping it updated regularly. Most of them use free version of AVG antivirus tool thinking that it will keep their machines free from threats. But AVG product comparison page clearly shows that there is one potentially threat which is not handled by free edition of AVG antivirus. It doesn’t protect your machine from the threat of spywares.

But good news is that, you also get free version of AVG Anti-Spyware tool. But most of the people ignore this tool because they don’t know the reason behind installing such tools on their machines. Let’s look at reasons to install anti-spyware tools on your machine.

1) To protect your secret data: Spywares often attack your online privacy and security in many ways. Some spywares will look at your surfing habits and will send the data back to its creator. You won’t believe but many advertisers use this approach to study their market. On the other hand, there are spywares that will cross all limits and can even send your passwords or credit card details to its creator. Scary isn’t it?

2) To prevent your PC from becoming extremely slow: This actually happened to me once. I noticed that my PC had suddenly become extremely slow for no reason. It used to slow down even more after connecting to the net. My antivirus tool didn’t detect any threat on my machine. But when I diagnosed my PC for spywares, I was shocked to notice that it detected hundreds of threats. After removing them, my PC regained its performance. In their attempt to collect data from your machine, spywares often slow down your machine.

3) To safely use freeware tools: Everybody likes to download free software tools from the net. Most of the time, these free software tools could actually be spyware tools in disguise. I don’t say that all free software tools are spywares so don’t panic. But the fact is that, if you have installed lots of free tools on your machine, then you better diagnose your machine for spywares.

These are some of the reasons to use anti-spyware tools. Apart from use of such tools, you can also make sure that firewall is enabled on your system and your operating system is updated with all the latest security updates. Remember that prevention is always better then cure.