New adsense killer trojan

A trojan which hijacks adsense advertisement and redirect users to some other sites that may contain malicious content has been identified by BitDefender. Even though this trojan (Trojan.Qhost.WU) is not resulting in a serious threat to adsense as of now, but in future could affect the revenue of publishers as well as the number of people visiting the sites having adsense ads.

Google adsense is the post popular contextual pay-per-click advertisement program and hardly requires any special introduction. In simple words, it’s a technology that displays ads which are closely related to the content of the site or page you are currently visiting. This actually gives advantage to advertisers as well as publishers. Advertiser gets targeted traffic and publisher has more change of making money because ads are closely related to content.

Google adsense got its popularity for two reasons. First reason is its amazing technology while the second is that they try hard to maintain the quality of their ads. To do this, they has some strict rules of usage and if publisher fails in following those rules then his account is banned directly after sending few warning emails. The working of this trojan violates adsense rules so publishers needs to make sure that their sites won’t get attacked by it.

Google adsense is a wonderful service which most of the people use to monetize their sites. You can read more about this Trojan on BitDefender’s website. They have mentioned symptoms of trojan along with the instructions to remove Trojan.Qhost.QU from your machine if it exists. Just be little careful and have wonderful adsense experience.