Make free calls from your mobile phone (Even without sim card)

Imagine how nice it would have been if you could talk to your friends using your mobile without paying huge bills. Well, you can stop imagining now cause, a new mobile application called Fring is going to turn that dream into reality.

Fring uses internet connection available on your handset to make VoIP calls. This means that, in order to make free calls, you need to have free internet connection on your mobile too. Don’t worry again. This is where Wi-Fi is going to help you.

Wi-Fi allows you to connect to LAN’s without using wire. Most of the public places like airports, coffee centers or some hotels are often equipped with public Wi-Fi hotspots allowing anybody in range to connect to their local network and get access to internet. Some latest handsets are equipped with support for 3G/WiFi network which could work without sim cards. Thus, if you have access to any such public Wi-Fi network, then you can start making free calls using Fring.

Just take a look at the video that shows Fring in action.