Writing SEO articles for real people

You must be knowing the importance of unique, original and useful articles to market your products and websites. Similarly, a good keyword rich article can get you listed in search engine results. Such articles which are designed to be search engine friendly and full of keywords are known as SEO articles. But how do these articles differ from normal informative articles? In this article, we will see how to write SEO articles which people will love to read while being full of keywords. We will also see how we can benefit from SEO articles.

When someone writes an article for humans to read, he tries to make it as readable as he can while following standard grammatical rules. He makes sure that same words are not repeated again and again and there is a good flow of information throughout. But search engines don’t understand any languages like English or French as such. They determine quality of article on other factors. One such factor is the number of times related keywords appear in the particular article.

Most of the people write articles while focusing on keywords. They try to write every sentence using those keywords. At the end, this basically results in the article that people find very strange and funny to read. However, search engine thinks that its a great content. But remember that a website which people don’t like is of no use no matter how how well its ranked in search engines. So how can we write one good SEO article?

First, forget that you are going to write one SEO article. Simply write one good information rich article related to the topic of your website or product which people will like to read. Then, focus on your main keyword. Using this main keyword, find out all related keywords using keyword research tool (E.g. Google keyword tool). Go through all those keywords once and keep them in your mind. Now start reading the article which you just wrote. See if you can include some of those keywords in every sentence. Be careful to include that keyword only if it fits properly in that sentence without changing its meaning.

At the end, you will have one good article that will be full of related keywords too. Go through your article once more to ensure that your article still has proper flow of information. Make sure its free from any spelling and grammatical errors. Thats it!!! You have people friendly SEO article. Lets see the benefits of writing such articles.

If your website has lot of such keyword rich articles, then your website will have high chances of appearing in top search engine results. On the other hand, as your article is people friendly too, you can submit them to article directories. This will give you lot of back links which will improve the ranking of your site in search engines.

SEO articles are quite helpful in getting your website to appear in top search results. However, its equally important to make them more readable and people friendly. By first writing your article for people and then modifying it to include proper related keywords, you will have one good SEO article. This way, you will be able to get all the benefits of article marketing.