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Four things to consider while developing dynamic web applications

These days, there is a trend of developing dynamic web applications using server side and client side scripting languages. If you are thinking of putting up a website, it is highly possible that you are thinking about making it dynamic and interactive. If you are thinking of developing your dynamic web application right from scratch, you should be putting your attention to factors such as scripting language, cost, type of hosting etc. This article will introduce you to four factors to consider before starting your development on dynamic web application.

There are lots of scripting languages like PHP, Ruby on Rails, ASP.NET etc which you can use to develop your web application. Also, database management systems like MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS-SQL etc are also available. Rather than just picking up a language from the list and using it, think about platform compatibility of your scripting language and database management system that you are planning to use. If your language and database management system could be used on any hosting platform (Windows or Linux), than it will be easier for you to move between hosts and even between platforms if required. For example, PHP could be easily used on Windows as well as Linux, but you can run ASP.NET application only on Windows server. Once you have decided which language to use, you need to consider the cost of hosting your application.

If you search on the net, you will find many web hosting companies providing lot of unique features. Compare the features provided by them as well as cost of each hosting plan. Select the plan which suits your application the best. That is, you should get enough disk space and your host should support your scripting language. Compare their prices and decide who shall host your site. But there are different types of web hosting.

Some of the hosts will offer you different types of hosting. These include shared hosting and dedicated hosting. Shared hosting is cheaper than dedicated hosting. For any small scale web application like a blog or a small ecommerce shop, shared hosting will be the best option. However, if you want total control over your hosting while supporting lot of visitors and CPU intensive tasks, than dedicated hosting will be best for you. But the most important of all is support which is provided by your web hosting company.

Imagine that your host gives you large disk space and good support for various scripting languages at a very good price, but poor customer support. In this case, all of a sudden if your email stops working or you need to install SSL certificate urgently, you will end up in trouble as you won’t get prompt support from your hosting company. Your host should give you a good 24/7 support and 99% uptime. This will ensure that your site will always be available to the users and problems could be solved quickly.

Many websites created these days are dynamic and interactive. Such websites could be maintained easily compared to static websites. If you are thinking of putting up a dynamic website or converting your static website to dynamic website, than considering elements like platform compatibility of your scripting language, cost of hosting, type of hosting and support will ensure that your site runs smoothly without any hassles.

Even After 60 Years….

Today, we are celebrating 60th anniversary of India’s independence. For us, 15th August is a day full of joy. Today, we remember all those great people, who sacrificed their lives for India’s freedom.

On 15th August 1947, we got freedom from British rule. We got to see this day after long struggle that lasted centuries. On this day, India got a new life and went ahead to become the largest democracy in the world. During these 60 years of independence, India faced lot of challenges and problems like natural calamities, economic crisis, epidemics, illiteracy, unemployment, terrorist activities etc. Even though, India’s freedom struggle had ended, it had to struggle to overcome these issues. And today, after 60 years, India has made good progress in field of science and technology.

But, we still have issues that we need to consider. Let’s look at some of the issues:

  • Politics: Quality of politics in India is not improving. Most of the political leaders lack political wisdom. It could be said that most of the time political parties play war amongst themselves. Most the time they are so busy inventing new number games that they don’t have time to look after issues faced by the country, the states and the people. It feels as if in India, parliamentary system is degrading.
  • Poverty: Even now, people are below the poverty line and they still face problem like malnutrition and severe epidemics. Adding to it illiteracy which results in rising unemployment.
  • Unemployment: This is one of the biggest problems faced by people in India. Some people end up to be unemployed, even after spending lot of money in gaining required qualifications.
  • Illiteracy: Even now, India is facing the problem of illiteracy. There are lots of people having no access to education. Another issue India is facing is regarding the number of students dropping out of schools. However, central government has now taken effective steps towards reducing illiteracy and number of dropouts.
  • Health: Though India has improved a lot to become healthy place to stay, it still needs lot of efforts towards waste management and waste treatment. Indian government has taken steps against diseases like Polio and runs mass campaign to educate people to maintain healthy environment.
  • Terrorism: India is facing and fighting against terrorism since its independence. Many people are killed every year. Government has to spend lot of money to counter such activities.

These are some of the issues that India is facing even after 60 years of independence. However, India has improved a lot in many fields including space science and information technology which should not be overlooked. Even after 60 years, the struggle continues…… the struggle for freedom from poverty, unemployment, illiteracy, terrorism etc.

Goa’s Politics : A total mess….

Since independence, Goa’s politics has remained quite unstable. Having a list of 19 chief ministers in last twenty years clearly proves that fact (Considering one chief minister every 5 years, there should have been around 4 chief ministers).

Looking at the recent political happenings, it seems as there won’t be any political stability in Goa. Some MLA’s who had earlier given support to the ruling party, suddenly declared that they are withdrawing their support. They joined hands with opposition leaving the ruling party to minority. Government was told to prove its majority.

Looking at the numbers, it was clear that the ruling party was indeed in minority. However, government kept saying that they are still in majority. This was clearly, a nice attempt to fool people. While everybody was thinking over this number game, something strange took place in Assembly during vote of confidence.

Just before vote of confidence took place, Speaker restrained three MLA’s who supported opposition from voting. This made the number of opposition members equal to members of ruling party. Speaker (Who is a member of ruling party) voted in favour of ruling party. In this way, speaker saved the government. Chief minister was happy to say that he has won the number game. It was very clear that ruling party would now need speakers vote every time, to run the government.

Opposition took this issue to supreme court. However, after some days there took place another political drama. One MLA declared that he would again join the ruling party. What a mess… Right?

Let me make it clear, that I’m not talking in favour of any party. But the incident’s clearly showed how political parties are interested only in winning seats. They are least bothered about the welfare of people in state. Who is going to solve the problem of illiteracy? Who is going to solve the problem of unemployment? There are many more problems to list. Before elections, everybody claims that they are going to solve these issues. But do they have time to care about these issues, when they are so busy in playing their number game.