3 ways to retain your visitors

The number of people visiting your site is the sole factor that decides whether your site is successful or not. If you have large number of visitors coming to your site daily than it is quite clear that you have a successful website. However, if your site’s traffic is very low then you should try hard to bring regular traffic to your website. However, getting lot of new visitors to your site is not the only important thing. Most important thing is, to retain your existing customers and to make sure that they will visit your site again and again. Let’s see how you can retain your visitors.

People surfing the net want to find information really fast. Due to this, it is important that your site loads quickly. One way to do this is by optimizing the use of images and flash movies in your site. Using images and flash animation will indeed make your site look more professional however, it is important to know that they take lot of time to load. If you want to become professional web designer, then you need to learn how to use images and flash animations properly. Also, make sure that you select a good web host as sometimes, it is the problem with the host that some websites load slowly. Once you have made sure that your site loads quickly enough, than you need to provide your visitors with good information.

People visit your website because they are in search of some information. It is the fact that content is king. On the other hand constantly updating content is a good king. If you provide your visitors with lot of unique and new content constantly, then they will keep coming to your site. If you update your site with more content daily, then your visitors will bookmark your site and will visit your site daily. Also, tell your visitors the rate at which you update your site. If you don’t update your site regularly then you ask your visitors to subscribe for your newsletter. In this way, whenever your site updates, you can send a newsletter to all your subscribers and inform them that your site has been updated.

When you provide lot of information on your site, make sure that visitors will be able to find the right information quickly. You need to provide easy and user friendly navigation on your site. Divide your content into categories. If you end up with large number of categories than group them into parent categories. Another good idea will be to make sure that your visitor can search for the information using site search functionality. In this way, your visitor won’t have to spend lot of time in going through categories.

If you can retain more visitors, then each of your visitors will refer your website to others. In this way, by retaining your visitors, you can get new visitors too. Getting lot of good and regular traffic to your website is what you should aim for. Using these simple steps will ensure that your site receives regular traffic.