Why do I need Alexa toolbar?

Most of you must have seen many blogs talking about Alexa and Alexa ranking. Alexa rank is the measure of traffic that your website receives. However, this is not the actual measure of your traffic. This is because the traffic is counted only from the people that use Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. Installing Alexa toolbar helps you as a visitor, a website owner and an advertiser in various ways by showing links to related sites, providing proof of the traffic that your site receives and by showing the trend of the traffic to a particular site.

Alexa rank helps advertisers, who want to advertise their products on the internet by showing them the information about the traffic of a particular website. So if a particular website has low Alexa rank (Alexa rank is inversely proportional to the traffic), than the advertiser would like to advertise on that website as he will get good exposure. If the advertiser compares two websites, one having low Alexa rank and the other with high Alexa rank, then advertiser will prefer the one with low Alexa rank. He might go and advertise on both but he would pay more for putting his add on a website with low Alexa rank. Installing Alexa toolbar will show the rank of website you are currently visiting and that will help you in deciding where to put your ads.

If you have a website and want to make money by allowing advertisers to put their ads on your site then, you must make sure that your site’s Alexa rank is as low as possible. There are many blog posts that will tell you how you can improve your Alexa traffic rank. Make sure you follow those steps and improve your Alexa rank, before asking for ads. It will give you more bargaining power and thus you will end up earning more from your website. Thus, if possible, then make sure that your visitors will install Alexa toolbar on their browsers. This will help you in improving your Alexa traffic rank.

If you are not an advertiser or a publisher, then you can still benefit from using Alexa toolbar. Alexa toolbar will show you links to related site. So, if you visit a website and want to know about related websites, you can use Alexa toolbar to get links to related websites. This can help you in your research or during your normal net surfing activity. Also, you will help in increasing the Alexa traffic rank of the websites you visit. In this way you will be helping website owner in making money.

Alexa toolbar is available for Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can download it from here. While providing links to related sites, showing traffic trend for a particular site and site’s reach and traffic rank, Alexa toolbar also helps in increasing the rank of website. As the number of people using Alexa toolbar increases, Alexa will be able to provide more accurate measure of traffic for websites.