Create your first website in 3 steps

Everybody wants to have their own website. When I had created my website for the first time, I had used static HTML pages to create it with free host. However, most of us now know the disadvantages of uses free hosting and don’t want to use it. Once you get your domain name and hosting, you can have your website running just by installing a content management system. Easy, isn’t it? This article will describe each step and will help you in getting started.

The first most important thing for your website is address which your visitors will use to access your website. So, you need to get your own domain name. Lot of websites allows you to register your domain name for a very low price. Having a domain name of your own will give some importance to the presence of your site. On the other hand, if you are having a free domain or a sub domain, people will think that you have created your site just for the sake of time pass, or to learn. Once you register your domain name, its time to get some good web hosting.

If you just want to setup a personal blog, than select a shared host that provides around 25 MB space. Select the one that provides you this space at a cheaper rate and with good support (phone, email or live-chat). Shared host will provide you a place on their server with FTP account and online control panel which you can use to manage your files and account online. Make sure that your host supports scripting language like PHP which is used by your content management system. Now as you have your domain name and hosting, you should go ahead and install your blogging tool.

Blogs are very popular these days. Blog is short for web log. Using blog is just like maintaining your own online diary where you could login, and post your article. People visiting your blog can read your articles and post comments. My favorite blogging tool is WordPress which is available as open source and is developed in PHP. You can simply download it from website, extract it, upload it using FTP and install it. That’s it. After that you can simply login to your admin area and start posting articles. You can also change the theme of your site by using lot of free wordpress templates available online.

You can use your website to put your views across the whole world. You can use it as your portfolio. You can also use it to share your knowledge with others. Like this there are lots of things that you can do with your site. So just get your own domain name and hosting and start your own website with WordPress.