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Get reviews and backlinks for your blog… Totally Free!!!!!!

To make your blog successful, you need to get lot of traffic to it. However, to get traffic you need to promote is using as many methods as you can. Promoting your blog involves lot of work like directory submissions, search engine submissions, getting as many backlinks as you can to get visitors and increase pagerank etc. While doing this, you would always like someone to review your blog or post and post it on their blog. If the other blog receives lot of visitors and has high pagerank, then you will receive lot of visitors and would easily increase your pagerank. To help you in getting your blog reviewed by other bloggers, there is a new free service called allows you to find bloggers from their network and send them a request to review your blog. In return, you need to review their blog and post it in your blog. In this way, offers a free service to exchange blog reviews. When someone will review your blog and post it in their blog, you will get a backlink. People visiting his blog will also visit your blog after reading the review of your blog. This will also help you in increasing your authority in technorati too.

You can start using this service in 4 easy steps:

  1. Go to, and register yourself. It’s totally free and there is no reason for you not to register yourself.
  2. Submit your blog: By doing this, other bloggers will be able to find your blog in’s blog directory.
  3. Find a blog and send a request for exchanging reviews.
  4. Once your request is accepted, you can exchange reviews with other blog. That’s all!!!!

Creators of have tried their best to make the process of exchanging reviews as simple as possible. The service is totally free. So now don’t wait and try this service yourself.

How to improve your alexa rank

In one of my recent post ‘Why do I need Alexa toolbar?‘, I had talked about importance of having good alexa rank. The article mentions that by using Alexa toolbar, and by requesting your visitors to install alexa toolbar too, you can improve your Alexa rank. However, there are other methods of improving your alexa rank too. Here are links to some posts that will show you how you can improve your alexa traffic rank.

It is difficult to request each of your visitors to install Alexa toolbar. So one more way of improving your Alexa rank is by installing Alexa site widget on your website. So which is the best method other than use of toolbar? Well, no one knows. Just try out all the tips mentioned in the posts I’ve mentioned above.

3 ways to retain your visitors

The number of people visiting your site is the sole factor that decides whether your site is successful or not. If you have large number of visitors coming to your site daily than it is quite clear that you have a successful website. However, if your site’s traffic is very low then you should try hard to bring regular traffic to your website. However, getting lot of new visitors to your site is not the only important thing. Most important thing is, to retain your existing customers and to make sure that they will visit your site again and again. Let’s see how you can retain your visitors.

People surfing the net want to find information really fast. Due to this, it is important that your site loads quickly. One way to do this is by optimizing the use of images and flash movies in your site. Using images and flash animation will indeed make your site look more professional however, it is important to know that they take lot of time to load. If you want to become professional web designer, then you need to learn how to use images and flash animations properly. Also, make sure that you select a good web host as sometimes, it is the problem with the host that some websites load slowly. Once you have made sure that your site loads quickly enough, than you need to provide your visitors with good information.

People visit your website because they are in search of some information. It is the fact that content is king. On the other hand constantly updating content is a good king. If you provide your visitors with lot of unique and new content constantly, then they will keep coming to your site. If you update your site with more content daily, then your visitors will bookmark your site and will visit your site daily. Also, tell your visitors the rate at which you update your site. If you don’t update your site regularly then you ask your visitors to subscribe for your newsletter. In this way, whenever your site updates, you can send a newsletter to all your subscribers and inform them that your site has been updated.

When you provide lot of information on your site, make sure that visitors will be able to find the right information quickly. You need to provide easy and user friendly navigation on your site. Divide your content into categories. If you end up with large number of categories than group them into parent categories. Another good idea will be to make sure that your visitor can search for the information using site search functionality. In this way, your visitor won’t have to spend lot of time in going through categories.

If you can retain more visitors, then each of your visitors will refer your website to others. In this way, by retaining your visitors, you can get new visitors too. Getting lot of good and regular traffic to your website is what you should aim for. Using these simple steps will ensure that your site receives regular traffic.

How to learn HTML and Web design

You will find lot of tutorials online and books in market that teaches you how to use HTML to create your websites. Similar resources are available for those who want to learn about web design. It’s important to know that learning HTML is different from learning web designing. HTML is a markup language used to create web pages. On the other hand, web designing talks about how to create the site layout such that it matches with the theme of the site, looks professional, user friendly and search engine friendly.

When I had started learning HTML, my internet connection was too slow and expensive. Due to this, I used to find it costly to search for websites providing HTML tutorials. Also, there were hardly any books available on this subject in the local market. Thus it was not possible for me to go through online tutorials and learn from them or from books. At that time, I had no idea about web design.

I used a different way to learn HTML. Whenever I used to go and visit a website, I used to save it on my hard disk. After that, in my free time, I used to go through its source HTML code and understand it. I did it on few websites, and after some days I was able to recreate the layout of any new website I used to visit without even looking at its source HTML.

Learning HTML in this way proved useful for me in two ways. First, I came to know how to use HTML practically without referring many books. Secondly, I also came to know how to create professional looking and user friendly website layouts. In other words, while learning HTML, I also learnt about basics of web design.

Recently, I told one of my friend how I studied HTML. When he tried it himself, he told me that using this method he learnt lot of things about using HTML to create professional and user friendly layouts. He said that he had purchased many books on HTML, but still he used to find it difficult to create site layouts.

I’m not talking about copying someone else’s website design or template. You can refer to HTML source of websites you visit to understand the idea behind the layout and to see how people use HTML. After some practice, you will soon be able to create your own original, professional and user friendly web site layouts.

Why do I need Alexa toolbar?

Most of you must have seen many blogs talking about Alexa and Alexa ranking. Alexa rank is the measure of traffic that your website receives. However, this is not the actual measure of your traffic. This is because the traffic is counted only from the people that use Alexa toolbar installed in their browser. Installing Alexa toolbar helps you as a visitor, a website owner and an advertiser in various ways by showing links to related sites, providing proof of the traffic that your site receives and by showing the trend of the traffic to a particular site.

Alexa rank helps advertisers, who want to advertise their products on the internet by showing them the information about the traffic of a particular website. So if a particular website has low Alexa rank (Alexa rank is inversely proportional to the traffic), than the advertiser would like to advertise on that website as he will get good exposure. If the advertiser compares two websites, one having low Alexa rank and the other with high Alexa rank, then advertiser will prefer the one with low Alexa rank. He might go and advertise on both but he would pay more for putting his add on a website with low Alexa rank. Installing Alexa toolbar will show the rank of website you are currently visiting and that will help you in deciding where to put your ads.

If you have a website and want to make money by allowing advertisers to put their ads on your site then, you must make sure that your site’s Alexa rank is as low as possible. There are many blog posts that will tell you how you can improve your Alexa traffic rank. Make sure you follow those steps and improve your Alexa rank, before asking for ads. It will give you more bargaining power and thus you will end up earning more from your website. Thus, if possible, then make sure that your visitors will install Alexa toolbar on their browsers. This will help you in improving your Alexa traffic rank.

If you are not an advertiser or a publisher, then you can still benefit from using Alexa toolbar. Alexa toolbar will show you links to related site. So, if you visit a website and want to know about related websites, you can use Alexa toolbar to get links to related websites. This can help you in your research or during your normal net surfing activity. Also, you will help in increasing the Alexa traffic rank of the websites you visit. In this way you will be helping website owner in making money.

Alexa toolbar is available for Internet Explorer and Firefox. You can download it from here. While providing links to related sites, showing traffic trend for a particular site and site’s reach and traffic rank, Alexa toolbar also helps in increasing the rank of website. As the number of people using Alexa toolbar increases, Alexa will be able to provide more accurate measure of traffic for websites.

Why to use JavaScript and Ajax toolkits?

Use JavaScript and Ajax in your web application helps in making the site more interactive and dynamic. But to use JavaScript and Ajax directly in your web application is difficult as you need to handle issues like their compatibility with different browsers. This is where JavaScript of Ajax toolkit comes in picture to help you in designing your application faster without worrying about browser compatibility and writing reusable JavaScript code. This article will show you how toolkits like Prototype, Scriptaculous or JQuery can help you.

If you have worked with JavaScript even once, you must have noticed that it works differently in different browsers. Due to this, you need to make sure that the JavaScript code you write is compatible with all major browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox. This is where you could easily waste 90% of time, which you could have used to improve your application. You need to consider this fact while building Ajax application too as Ajax uses JavaScript to make query to server. Toolkits like Prototype, Scriptaculous, JQuery etc, helps you by internally handling compatibility issues so that you can totally focus on the required output. This helps you to save lot of time. These frameworks or toolkits are tested before release which helps you in giving the same result across all browsers. In this way, a JavaScript or Ajax toolkit prevents you from wasting time on handling browser compatibility issues while providing you with many reusable components.

Developers prefer to use reusable components and modules as it makes their code more maintainable and thus saves lot of time. However, JavaScript lacks modularity and thus makes it difficult to use it for large and complex application. If you need to build a complete web application using Ajax, than lot of things are handled by JavaScript and due to lack of modularity you will end up writing lot of redundant and duplicate code. The More duplicate code you have, more difficult it becomes to maintain it. Prototype, JQuery and other toolkits provide you with lot of reusable components with support for unit testing. As these components free you from the hassle of coding many frequently used features, you end up saving lot of time.

These toolkits come with good documentation which you can download from their homepage and read. Using their documentation, and by following the examples provided, you can learn to use them quickly. So you don’t have to worry about time you need to spend in learning to use these toolkits. Now, using these toolkits you can develop more interactive Ajax application in very short period of time.

3 reasons to use Ajax in your web application

You must have seen lot of web applications where you enter your username and password to login, and if your password is wrong, it tells you so without reloading the page. This effect is produced using Ajax which stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. Ajax makes your webpage more interactive by allowing you to develop your application using existing technologies, by making your web application to work just like desktop application and by reducing the time it takes to load pages. This article will help you to understand how Ajax can make your web application more interactive.

The important thing while considering the use of any new technology is the time it would take to learn and understand it. However, Ajax is different as it is not a new technology. Ajax is simply a new term for group of existing technologies like JavaScript and XML. These technologies have been used well before the term Ajax was formed. The only difference is, instead of making a HTTP request directly, in Ajax you use JavaScript to make that request and to display the result. Apart from this, Ajax reduces the time it takes to load the page.

In normal situation, whenever you submit a form or click on any link, the new page is loaded. In this case, the server sends out entire page including header, navigation panel, main content and footer. In other words, the browser needs to load the whole template along with all the images and items that are used in it. This takes a bit of time. Using Ajax, the whole page needs to be loaded only once and then use JavaScript to fetch the content and update the required part of the page where that content should appear. In this way Ajax reduces the time it takes to load a page and makes your web application look like a desktop application.

When you use any desktop application, and move between the tabs, you don’t see whole desktop getting refreshed. Moving between tabs, doesn’t affect menus, toolbar or status bar. Changes are made to your work area only. This is the main difference between a desktop application and a web application. Using Ajax, it is possible to achieve the same effect in web applications too. Just load the main page once and let JavaScript fetch the content from the server and update only the required page area, just like any desktop application.

Most of the web applications have already implemented Ajax. Use of JavaScript libraries or frameworks like prototype helps in rapid development of Ajax applications. By loading web pages quickly and by making your web application look like a normal desktop application, Ajax makes your web site more interactive and usable.

Create your first website in 3 steps

Everybody wants to have their own website. When I had created my website for the first time, I had used static HTML pages to create it with free host. However, most of us now know the disadvantages of uses free hosting and don’t want to use it. Once you get your domain name and hosting, you can have your website running just by installing a content management system. Easy, isn’t it? This article will describe each step and will help you in getting started.

The first most important thing for your website is address which your visitors will use to access your website. So, you need to get your own domain name. Lot of websites allows you to register your domain name for a very low price. Having a domain name of your own will give some importance to the presence of your site. On the other hand, if you are having a free domain or a sub domain, people will think that you have created your site just for the sake of time pass, or to learn. Once you register your domain name, its time to get some good web hosting.

If you just want to setup a personal blog, than select a shared host that provides around 25 MB space. Select the one that provides you this space at a cheaper rate and with good support (phone, email or live-chat). Shared host will provide you a place on their server with FTP account and online control panel which you can use to manage your files and account online. Make sure that your host supports scripting language like PHP which is used by your content management system. Now as you have your domain name and hosting, you should go ahead and install your blogging tool.

Blogs are very popular these days. Blog is short for web log. Using blog is just like maintaining your own online diary where you could login, and post your article. People visiting your blog can read your articles and post comments. My favorite blogging tool is WordPress which is available as open source and is developed in PHP. You can simply download it from website, extract it, upload it using FTP and install it. That’s it. After that you can simply login to your admin area and start posting articles. You can also change the theme of your site by using lot of free wordpress templates available online.

You can use your website to put your views across the whole world. You can use it as your portfolio. You can also use it to share your knowledge with others. Like this there are lots of things that you can do with your site. So just get your own domain name and hosting and start your own website with WordPress.

Why should I create my web application using PHP?

There are lots of scripting languages available which could be used for developing web applications. One of them is PHP. PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor. It is free, open source, server side scripting language used by more than 17 million websites. As it is very easy to learn while being rich with features required by web applications, it is the best language you can use to develop your web application.

PHP is very easy to learn. You can start learning PHP by visiting Its syntax is similar to C, C++ or Javascript. To help you further, there are lots of tutorials available online which will help you in getting started. Official website of PHP provides good documentation of PHP tags and user manual that you could use to get more in depth knowledge. Also, there are lots of open source scripts like WordPress and Drupal that you can use directly to create your websites. While being easy to learn and use, PHP has lot of integrated features.

PHP is a complete programming language and offers powerful access to database management systems like MySQL and PostgreSQL. This makes it a good choice for developing web applications having database backend. Starting from version 5, PHP has strong Object Oriented support. This allows you to create more complex web application while writing good and maintainable code. Using integrated development environments like Eclipse will help you to write your code faster.

PHP script can be embedded directly into HTML. However, the name of the page must end with “.php” and not “.htm” or “.html”. Web server (Apache) interprets PHP code embedded in HTML and executes it. However, you can totally separate PHP code from HTML using template engines like Smarty. This allows you to separate presentation part from the logic. This is very important as you can edit the template of your web application which is created using HTML without touching or understanding PHP code.

PHP is normally used along with other open source tools like Apache and MySQL. This combination, commonly known as LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP) is unbeatable. PHP allows you to create dynamic web pages and interactive websites. It’s an open source scripting language which unlike JavaScript, runs on server. It helps you in developing web applications without worrying about platform as it is platform independent. It is best for creating web applications. This makes PHP a good choice for developing web applications.

Tips for creating successful website

Internet is the best place for sharing knowledge and making business. Due to this, everyday, lot of new websites are created on various topics. Whether it is a personal blog or some kind of internet service, everybody wants their website to be successful. To make a successful site, you need to make sure that you pay good attention to factors such as good and unique content, professional website design and a good web developer. Let’s look at some of these factors that can help you in building a successful site.

If you want to create a good web application, you need to hire a good web developer. If you know how to design websites and how to create web applications, than you can do it yourself. However, you should make sure that the developer you hire is professional and knows about current technologies. If your site uses latest technologies, it will put good impression on your visitors. Every new release of any technology comes with lot of bug fixes and improvements. If new technologies are used properly, it can make your site more maintainable, user friendly and stable. Apart from using latest technology, you can develop stable web applications faster by using some of the free open source tools.

There are lots of open source scripts like Drupal, Joomla or WordPress that allows you to create your dynamic content-based websites quickly. You can use these scripts directly or use them as framework and build more complex functionality on top of it. For example, you can use WordPress for your blog. If you want to start a dating website quickly, you can use Dolphin. Using open source tools like this guarantees that your site will be stable, feature rich and user friendly. This is because lots of people contribute in developing them and also in fixing bugs. Use of such scripts directly or as framework would save lot of development time. However, to make your site more attractive and unique, you should make sure that your site has professional design.

When a visitor comes to your site for the first time, the first thing that he will notice is the design of your website. The design of your website should reflect the theme of your website. Your site should allow easy navigation and all related items should be grouped together. There are lots of good sites on the net that talk about professional website design. There are lots of ready made templates which you can buy. Some sites offer templates for free. But if you are going to use a ready made template than make sure that it reflects the theme of your website. Apart from good design, your site should also have lot of good and unique content.

People visit website because they want some information or they want to use the service provided on your site. For example, people visit Gmail to use the free email service or they visit blogs to read about some information they want. If you have good professional design which is created by a good developer with latest technology, but without any content, than nobody would like to visit your site. You must make sure that your site provides lot of good and unique content or a good unique service. This will ensure that people will visit your site not only once, but again and again. Make sure that you update your site with new content regularly.

Use these tips and your imagination to create good websites. Remember that there is no shortcut for building a successful website. It requires lot of hard work and imagination. By combining your imagination with skills of good web developer you can easily create successful website with good design and unique content